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FmPro Script Diff 1.03 for FileMaker 9

Fieldnames, Table
Occurrences and text strings throughout an entire group of scripts. Updated
scripts can then be pasted directly into FileMaker Advanced. All script
attributes including Script Name, Script ID and Include in Menu status are
retained when transferring scripts via the clipboard.

* TAB to Highlighted Text – When a script is clicked in search mode, the
search text is highlighted in yellow in the Script Text display field.
Pressing the TAB key automatically advances to the next occurrence of the
found text within the field. This timesaving feature is also used for the
Script Errors display, which shows script errors highlighted in red. For
Diff results, the field automatically scrolls and highlights the first
changed line of text, and pressing the TAB key advances to the next changed

* Quickly Browse Scripts – Each script is displayed in a format which is
similar to the FileMaker script printout format. Script step names and
comments are displayed in bold, options are plaintext, and

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