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Iconfactory, ARTIS release free Frenzic Dashboard widget

Mac users who have discovered the addictive nature of the challenging puzzle game for Mac OS X, Frenzic, know that rank is everything. The company’s today announced that there is a new and easy way for players to keep track of their rank and high score -– the Frenzic Dashboard Widget. Simply download, install and enter your player name into this free widget to instantly know your current rank, high score and devotion level in the Frenziverse. You can even drag multiple copies into Dashboard to keep a watchful eye on your closest competitors. If you wanna be the Grandmaster, you have know who’s on your tail. Frenzic is available for $14.95 and includes unlimited local game play forever, as well as six months of free online features. The Frenzic Dashboard Widget is free and available now from the Web site.

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