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New High Capacity Label Tray from Seiko


Tray, Available only from Seiko Instruments, Convenient for High Volume
Printing Needs Of Medical Suppliers, Distributors, Industrial Business
Owners, Teachers

TORRANCE, Calif. – August 22, 2007 – Seiko Instruments USA is now offering
a high capacity label tray for its flagship line of Smart Label Printers

The new label tray allows suppliers, distributors and other business users
to quickly print shipping and address labels, inventory tags, business and
appointment cards and other kinds of high volume label printing.

The company is also offering new card stock to go with its one-label-at-a
time printers or for use with the high capacity printing tray. The new
SLP-FCS2 non-adhesive card stock has a white matte finish and is the
perfect size/weight for business or appointment cards, education flash
cards, florist or special occasion notes, and more.

Seiko Instruments is the first supplier to offer a high capacity label tray
for its compact, desktop label printer, a convenient tool for any office or
warehouse environment.

“Seiko Instruments’ new High Capacity Label Tray gives anyone who needs to
print in high volume a convenient tool that will make their lives easier
and their day more productive,” said Dennis Cox, director of sales and
marketing, Business and Home/Office Products Division, Seiko Instruments
USA. “It’s great for healthcare facilities, government offices, retail
stores, factories and schools – and only available from Seiko.”

Seiko Instruments’ new High Capacity Label Tray is ideal for many different
applications; medical, dental and veterinary care professionals, who
package their own generic medicines, can now easily and quickly label
inventory for their shelves. Distributors can use the SLP/tray combination
for their franchise or chain stores, to create labels for shipping products
from their warehouse to a local store. Manufacturers and home office bulk
mailers can quickly run address labels. The tray can even be used in
shipping yards, where shipments coming through customs can easily be
bar-coded and disbursed to suppliers.

Teachers will find many uses for the product as well. For example, they can
quickly label specialized assignments or class schedules for large classes,
and even print large quantities of flash cards quickly and easily with the
new card stock.

Available with any of three convenient label types – address, multi-purpose
and shipping – Seiko’s new label tray is quick and easy to assemble and use
with any current model SLP. Each label type ships in 900 – 1,700 label
quantities, resulting in a substantial cost reduction, in price per label
for the customer.

Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printers allow the user to create one label
at a time for envelopes, files, storage boxes, bar codes and a variety of
other office and industrial applications. The small footprint, desktop
printers can also make great name tags, ID badges, business and appointment
cards for formal parties, trade shows, conferences and other business or
social events.

Operating System Compatibility

The new Smart Label Printer High Capacity Tray is compatible with all
current 400 series printers from Seiko Instruments, including the 420, 440
and 450 models. Perfect for small, mid-size or large business users who
want to speed up operations, the new High Capacity Tray works with both Mac
OS 10.3 and above and Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista operating systems.

Pricing, Availability & Distribution

The Smart Label Printer High Capacity Tray is now available for purchase
starting at $24.99 from the company’s web site at The label tray, and assorted label types, can
also be ordered by calling the company’s toll free number at (800) 688-0817.

About Seiko Instruments USA Inc. (SIU)

Seiko Instruments USA’s Business and Home/Office Products Division produces
products designed to enhance productivity in small business, home office
and a variety of vertical industry markets. The company’s products are sold
through computer resellers, system integrators, computer superstores, mail
order and online catalogs in the Americas, Europe, Australia, South Africa,
the Middle East and India.

SIU headquarters are in Torrance, Calif. For more information, visit our
web site at

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