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Zoho Viewer Views Office, Acrobat & others in Browsers

Zoho Viewer Opens Files

View Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Other File Types in a Browser

PLEASANTON, Calif. — August 13, 2007 — ( Zoho just
made viewing and sharing files a lot easier for people who work online with
today’s announcement of Zoho Viewer at ( For a
video demonstration, visit (

Zoho Viewer lets users do three things: 1) view documents, 2) share
document as URLs, and 3) embed documents.

Users simply upload a Microsoft Office, PDF, or other document type to Zoho
Viewer, which provides a link to that document. The link can then be shared
with other users, who can view the document from their browsers when they
click on the link.

“This simplifies document viewing and sharing for our customers, as well as
other application providers,” said Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist. “It
should not be hard for users to attach or view documents. Emailing URLs,
instead of documents, eliminates the recipients’ need for access to the
applications that created those documents. Now, all they need is a browser.”

Users can also use Zoho Viewer to embed documents in any other Web page.

Going forward, Zoho will provide API access to Zoho Viewer for application
providers who need convenient document viewing capability, e.g., online
storage vendors and others with a variety of documents and document formats
on their sites.

Zoho Viewer underscores a broader paradigm shift being driven by Zoho and
others. In short, as more documents become Web documents, they evolve from
files to URLs, becoming much more valuable in the process. As easily shared
URLs, Web documents offer mobility, sharing, collaboration, communication,
auto-versioning, auto-save, and other advantages unavailable to their
offline counterparts. Understood as part of this bigger picture, Zoho
Viewer can play an even bigger role in helping customers work online.

Initial market feedback on Zoho Viewer reveals the power and convenience of
Zoho’s implementation of the document-as-URL concept:

Zoho Launches One-Click Document Sharing

“Today Zoho launched the Zoho Viewer, a one-click way to share your
documents. It is a bit like Flickr where each photo (or document in this
case) gets its own hyperlink. Zoho is a free online office suite that
competes with Google Docs. Zoho has the advantage over Google Docs,
however, of being able to host Adobe PDF files and presentation documents,
in addition to word processor and spreadsheet docs. …Zoho always seems
one step ahead of Google Docs, a phenomenon once again evidenced by Zoho
Viewer. It is a wonder Google hasn’t acquired the company yet.” Natali Del
Conte, (
PC Magazine/AppScout

Zoho Viewer

“…Zoho continues to crank out new products and capabilities at an amazing
pace. I can hardly keep up. I think their idea is to provide all the
software a small business might need online. I think they’ve done it. Their
latest offering, Zoho Viewer, may be the most useful of all. …Once again,
hats off to Zoho!” Jim Dew,
( Things Through

Zoho Viewer: It’s like Flickr…for documents

“I just never know how to handle sharing a quick Word document or PDF.
Photos are easy, drop them into Flickr and share away, but documents have
been left out in the cold. Now Zoho, in their infinite wisdom, has brought
documents in from the rainy night and given them a nice warm spot by the
fire. ZohoViewer is to your documents what ImageShack is to photos — a
really great place to quickly upload and share without all the hassle of
accounts and logins.” Christopher G. Harris,
( Infomancy

ZOHO so cool in email Attachments,chat wiki,creator

“Online office suite Zoho released another product tonight, called Zoho
Viewer. It is similar to Scribd (and the upcoming Docstoc) — upload an
office or PDF document for easy viewing on Zoho’s website or embedded into
other web pages. Google has its studio of tools, but Zoho is close on
Google’s tail.”

Zoho Viewer: Spare Your Colleagues The Pain Of Bulky E-mail Attachments

“The latest addition to Zoho’s ever-growing suite of online office
applications wants to make oversized e-mail attachments a thing of the
past. … Using Viewer is simple. …With more people turning to online
office suites (like Zoho or GDocs) it makes sense to start thinking of your
documents as URLs rather than files. … it’s very well done and makes
sharing files a snap.” Scott Gilbertson,
( Wired

Kiss your email attachments goodbye
“Email attachments are becoming increasingly passe and that may open some
security concerns. Today, I gave the just launched Zoho Viewer a spin and
liked it overall. I also happened to put it through a stress test uploading
a 123 page CIA security assessment for the year 2020 (yes I have these
things on my hard drive) for giggles to find that Zoho (related content)
doesn’t support attachments larger than 5 MB. …The good news: Docs are
way easy to share with Zoho and other services like Scribd.” Larry Dignan,
( ZDNet [Note: Raju Vegesna, Zoho
evangelist, replied, “…We have the 5MB limit this week. From next week,
we will increase it to 10MB.”]

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