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FusionMaps Pro for FileMaker – flash map component

FusionMaps Pro for FileMaker – flash map component for FileMaker is released

InfoSoft Global announces the release of FusionMaps Pro for FileMaker, a
platform-independent flash map component that creates interactive, animated
and data-driven maps within FileMaker solutions.

FusionMaps Pro for FileMaker is a collection of 186 maps including the
states and counties of U.S, different regions of UK, Europe, Oceania, Asia,
Africa and Middle East. All the maps of FusionMaps suite are customizable;
users can change all map cosmetics and add 3D and animation effects as
well. The Visual GUI provides a WYSIWYG platform for the users to configure
and customize the maps easily.

Among all the features of FusionMaps, Markers and Marker Connectors hold
great importance. Markers are user-defined points on maps, used to
pin-point cities, office locations, junctions or any important centers
worth highlighting. Marker Connectors are used to connect the markers on
the map. Connectors can be used while developing applications which deal
with transportation routes, network of places etc.

FusionMaps Pro for FileMaker also offers FusionMaps Library, a collection
of FileMaker scripts which can be used to integrate FusionMaps within
FileMaker solutions. The online documentation published by FusionCharts
team elaborates the usage of maps in FileMaker and various features of
FusionMaps through demo applications and sample codes.

This cross platform tool uses built-in features and functions of FileMaker
and Flash Player to generate maps. FileMaker (Version 8.5) and Flash Player
are needed for FusionMaps to work; no server side software, external
plug-ins or drivers are required.

FusionMaps offers a cost effective licensing. To get information about
licensing and to download no-restriction trial version, visit:


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