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xTime Project 4.5 for Mac OS X

Introducing xTime Project 4.5 for Mac OS X : it has never been so easy to
manage a project.

With xTime Project 4.5, creating, tracking and managing your projects is
getting easier and easier. From start to finish, xTime Project is always by
your side. Check out the features that xTime Project has to offer and
explore how easy it is to manage the completion of your projects.

xTime Project is designed to keep track of tasks on a project. It also
figures out the cost of it. xTime Project provides the tools you need for
professional project management. Our new version is more powerful without
sacrificing the simple and intuitive interface that helped make xTime
Project such a success (with thousands of users worldwide). Whether your
job calls for managing large construction projects, sophisticated media
activities or detailed time schedules, xTime Project adapts to your needs.
It helps you organize, administer and monitor your tasks so you can spend
more time managing your projects and less time learning to use a project
management application.

Along with our seamless integration with Microsoft Project, you will be
successfully managing even the most complex projects in a fraction of the
time it takes to do it with other products. Just try competitors and you
will feel the difference! xTime Project delivers beautiful graphics that
are sure to make an impact with customers and colleagues. Scheduling and
managing projects transcends industries and professions. It’s essential for
successfully achieving project goals and objectives. xTime Project
simplifies project scheduling in an easy-to-learn, cost-effective tool,
ideal for experienced project managers as well as the occasional project

What’s new with version 4.5? (a free upgrade for users of previous versions)

* better performance for all Macs with Intel processors
* better import / export of Microsoft Project documents (function
completely rewritten)
* better Undo function (now working for all actions)
* new function to import tasks directly from Microsoft Excel (at text
tabulation format)
* new fullscreen mode to make a presentation (compatible with all views)
* support of the ISO date format
* many improvements of the Gantt view
* integration of Quick Help and Tips in all windows
* updated documentation (english and french)
* new assistant at launch
* updated User Interface
* Bugs fixed






xTime Project requires Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or any later version.
xTime Project is optimized for PowerPC G3, G4, G5 and all Intel processors.
xTime Project is optimized for iCal, Spotlight, Address Book, Microsoft
Project and Apple .Mac service.


To add more than 20 tasks per projects, you need a user license. xTime
Project costs 99$ USD.
The price includes free updates (time-unlimited) and free technical support.


xTime Project works in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and French

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