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Free Web 2.0 Mobile Applications


Leaflets Portal Simplifies How Web 2.0=20
Applications Are Optimized And Deployed For=20
Mobile 2.0 Devices.

Seattle, WA, USA – July 16, 2007 -=20
( Flavor, a leading=20
design, development and consulting company with a=20
focus on new media, announces the launch of=20
( Leaflets, a new=20
mobile portal providing free Web 2.0 applications=20
optimized for modern “Mobile 2.0” phones and=20
handheld devices, beginning with Apple’s iPhone.

Via iPhone’s built-in Safari browser, each=20
Leaflet gives users easy access to a popular Web=20
2.0 application optimized for mobile devices.=20
Additionally, content providers will have an=20
outlet to release their original content and=20
applications to Mobile 2.0 device owners.=20
Applications currently utilized on the desktop,=20
such as Flickr,, Upcoming, Newsvine=20
and others, will be available for immediate=20
access via iPhone. Through the use of web=20
standards like XHTML, CSS, RSS and XML, a popular=20
destination can be translated into a Leaflet in=20
only a few hours.

Each Leaflet is a best-of-breed mobile application that is:

o A mobile-optimized version of an application=20
users already know and love on their desktop

o Bandwidth resourceful, allowing users faster=20
access in areas where Wi-Fi may not be available

o Designed with mobile devices in mind, avoiding=20
the common mistake of trying to force an=20
application meant for the web onto a mobile screen

Understanding the need for top-quality=20
performance with restricted bandwidth, all=20
Leaflets are designed to run quickly and easily=20
over EDGE and can be accessed even when Wi-Fi is=20
not available. This is a very important=20
advantage, many early iPhone users are finding.=20
When WiFi isn=92t available, AT&T’s EDGE cellular=20
network can result in what The New York Times=92=20
David Pogue calls “excruciatingly” slow=20
performance when sites are not optimized. He=20
reports The Times=92 home page takes nearly 55=20
seconds to appear; The specially designed New=20
York Times Leaflet loads in just under 6 seconds.

While many third parties are coming to market=20
with mobile applications, these organizations=20
lack experience creating and testing mobile=20
The Blue Flavor team has been crafting mobile=20
experience for over five years, and web=20
applications for more than a decade. Blue Flavor=20
is a thought leader in the mobile development=20
community, providing resources for mobile=20
development like the popular dotMobi Mobile Web=20
Developer’s Guide – downloaded tens of thousands=20
of times since its debut in March of this year.

“The Leaflets portal is a timely articulation of=20
Blue Flavor’s strengths and hands-on knowledge,=20
which span the worlds of desktop and mobile web=20
design and development,” says Brian Fling, Blue=20
=46lavor’s Director of Strategy. “While many firms=20
are well suited to desktop design in the U.S.,=20
there are very few who excel in both worlds the=20
way Blue Flavor does. We fully understand the=20
complexities and pains of mobile design and=20
development, by adding our experience in web=20
standards we are able to bridge the gap between=20
mobile and desktop, making sure that each Leaflet=20
is designed and deployed with the mobile context=20
in mind, but embracing web standards at the same=20

To immediately access the nine free Leaflets=20
currently available, visit

About Blue Flavor
Blue Flavor a design, development and consulting=20
company with a focus on new media. Blue Flavor=20
provides end-to-end web and mobile solutions, as=20
well as interface and application design with a=20
focus on creating useful experiences for real=20
people. Formed in 2005, Blue Flavor has a team=20
with over 40 years of combined experience who=20
understand the needs of large and complex=20
organizations, and more importantly how to=20
balance various goals to create a valuable user=20
experience. Blue Flavor has worked with companies=20
large and small, including Adobe, Boeing,=20
Microsoft, Starbucks, Judy’s Book, thePlatform,=20
dotMobi, Grand Central and more. For more=20
information, visit

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