Vitamin gives iPhones to its employees

Vitamin, a design and marketing boutique, today announced the purchase of iPhones for all of its employees, a move to keep Vitamin and its clients ahead of the marketing communications curve. “iPhones represent a completely new wave of handheld technology and they define the future of communication,” says Mike Karfakis, president/CEO of Vitamin. “Vitamin believes in entrenching our team with the best tools available for the job. Buying iPhones for our team gives us an edge in many ways. The iPhones aid with research and development, they help us manage a client’s brand aesthetic as it is intended to be seen online, and they keep us connected with the world 24/7. He continues, “Apple has completely flipped how handheld devices view and access the Internet. This is the start of a new era in communication and we do not need to think twice to understand the meaning of this movement.”

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