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Deals: Devastro 1.5 for 50% off today only

Today’s featured promo on MacUpdate offers Devastro 1.5 for US$9.95 (50% off, retail $19.95). “Devastro is a new action game from Catnap Games. With a squad of recruits you have to save the Earth from yet another alien invasion. Make it the last one and make the slimy bastards remember it well. Mission objective: Kill all enemies. Are you going to carefully train your recruits to make them tough as Rambo or spend them by the dozens? Scout and plan your attack or open fire the first second? The full version contains 27 missions located in 3 different environments, new enemies, moving vehicles, new tricks & traps and much more.” Devastro 1.5 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

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