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GhostReader Text-to-Speech

Introducing GhostReader Text-to-Speech for Mac OS X

Amsterdam – 5 July 2007 – AssistiveWare(R) / ConvenienceWare today
announced the release of GhostReader text-to-speech software for Mac OS X.
GhostReader 1.1 replaces TextParrot 1.0 and introduces a number of new
features with an enhanced user interface. Just as ghostwriters write for
other people, GhostReader can read for you!

GhostReader is a Universal Binary, multilingual speech solution for Mac OS
X that allows users to listen to their documents with naturally sounding
voices in a language of choice. It also allows users to create their own
personal podcasts or audio books by exporting to iPod-ready iTunes tracks.
Or, users can just use it to speak selected text in a handy reader window
with play, fast forward and rewind functionality. In some applications,
such as Safari, GhostReader enables users to listen to text by just
pointing the cursor at the text. Now users can sit back and relax while
GhostReader reads the text under the cursor.

Voices are currently available for the following languages: US English, UK
English, Czech, Finnish, French, Canadian French, German, Icelandic,
Italian, Danish, Dutch, Flemish, Spanish, American Spanish, Portuguese,
Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Turkish and Swedish. GhostReader itself is
localized in English, French and German.

GhostReader 1.1 offers the following new features:

– New languages with high quality female voices: American Spanish (Rosa)
and Canadian French (Louise)

– New languages with medium quality voices: Turkish, Icelandic and Czech

– New high quality voices for Dutch (Max) and British English (Peter)

– Adds a German localization (English and French were already available)

– Enhanced listening experience with buttons to re-listen the current
paragraph or sentence or to skip to the next one

– For school use preferences can now be locked and the content of the
reader window can be exported to an RTF document

– Many other interface and usability enhancements

– Expanded Help facility

GhostReader is a free and recommended update for registered TextParrot
users (users can simply enter their TextParrot activation codes).

Suggested retail pricing for GhostReader, available for download and
excluding VAT, is as follows:

Monolingual licenses:
Single User US$/Euro 39.95
Household (3 Macs) US$/Euro 79.90

Bilingual licenses:
Single User US$/Euro 59.95
Household (3 Macs) US$/Euro 119.90

Trilingual licenses:
Single User US$/Euro 74.95
Household (3 Macs) US$/Euro 149.90

GhostReader educational licenses start at US$/euro 599 for a classroom (up
to 50 computers) and US$/euro 999 for a school (up to 150 computers).

GhostReader is also available as a bundle with Infovox iVox. Infovox iVox
provides naturally sounding voices in multiple languages for use with
almost any Mac OS X application that uses speech. The GhostReader and
Infovox iVox bundle pricing starts at US$/euro 109.

GhostReader can be purchased online at

A packaged, CD version of GhostReader will be available later this summer
in European Apple Stores and at other European Mac stores at a slightly
higher price.

GhostReader requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. For more information, a
fully-functional downloadable demo and to listen to samples of the voices
please consult the product page:

This press release is also available at:

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