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MetaEdit+ 4.5: Complete Domain-Specific Modeling Environment

Market Leading Domain-Specific Modeling Tool Available for Mac

Jyvaskyla, Finland–July 4, 2007–MetaCase has announced the release of
MetaEdit+ 4.5, a complete domain-specific modeling (DSM) environment, for
Mac OS X operating systems. DSM with MetaEdit+ offers companies a superior
approach for effective software development, significantly increasing
overall productivity. This release follows the November 2006 launch of
MetaEdit+ 4.5 for Windows.

Unlike other modeling approaches, DSM utilizes graphical models which
illustrate a company’s individual problem domain, instead of attempting to
visualize the code developers will later write. These models directly
mirror real-world objects, allowing developers to make better designs with
less effort and enabling them to generate full, production-quality code
that interfaces correctly with their existing software platforms,
frameworks, components and libraries.

In the past, it was difficult for companies to obtain adequate tool support
for developing their own modeling languages and generators. MetaEdit+, from
MetaCase, overcomes these challenges, providing users with the easy-to-use
tool support they need to create fully functional languages and generators,
in a fraction of the time previously required. “Developers do not want to
spend months or years creating a tool, even if that tool would make them
significantly more productive,” commented MetaCase CEO, Dr. Juha-Pekka
Tolvanen. “MetaEdit+ helps them do it in a few days, letting them focus on
what matters: good modeling languages and generators; MetaEdit+ provides
the rest.”

MetaEdit+ 4.5 makes defining modeling languages even more convenient and
powerful than previous versions. Developers can now simultaneously define,
use, test and improve modeling languages, with previously constructed
models updating automatically. To aid developers during code generator
definition, MetaEdit+ 4.5 adds generator syntax highlighting, validation,
debugging, and traces generated code back to the modeling elements from
which it originates. MetaEdit+ 4.5 is more open with an improved SOAP Web
Services-based API, as well as import and export support for models and
DSL’s in XML format.

About MetaCase
MetaCase is the leading provider of domain-specific modeling environments.
Since 1991, MetaCase has been enabling its customers to improve their
productivity and competitiveness with development methods and tools that
fit their needs. Its flagship product, MetaEdit+ is providing thousands of
developers with a new, higher level, higher quality way of developing
systems and software. For additional information, including full media kit
and product evaluation details, visit:

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