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TinyBooks v5.0.0 – Family & Small Business Accounting

TinyBooks v5.0.0 – Family & Small Business Accounting for Macintosh

What’s New: Version 5.0.0 is a Major Update to TinyBooks that includes many
improvements to the Professional Invoice Printer, the Monthly Transaction
Windows, the Enter Transaction Dialogs and more. Estimates as well as
Invoices are now supported. A new Bottom Line Report has been added, a new
Auto-Comment Popup has been added, and much more.


Merrimack, New Hampshire, July 2, 2007: Ken Winograd and Space-Time
Associates announced today the release of a new version of the Macintosh
accounting and bookkeeping program called TinyBooks.

TinyBooks is a simple, flexible, non-bloated, single-entry bookkeeping and
accounting system for the Macintosh. TinyBooks is designed for Sole
Proprietors, home and other small businesses, and family finances.

TinyBooks is the simplest way to handle the books for most small companies.
You enter your expenses and income, and TinyBooks does the rest. Current
and year-to-date “on-the-fly” totals are continually displayed. Fully
automatic bar-charting of all expense and income accounts make the
determination of monthly trends intuitively obvious.

A fully non-modal Reports Window offers easy standard and custom reporting
and searching. All transactions are easily exportable to other programs as
standard tab-delimited text files.

Expense, income and special mileage entry forms can be printed for “off
line” entry of data as desired. Non-fiscal years are supported, as is the
concept of recurring expenses.

TinyBooks includes a Professional Invoice/Estimate Printer, that is as easy
to use as the rest of the program. It prints professional-looking
invoices/estimates on plain white paper. No special, expensive forms are
required. These invoices can also be customized with your own logo, fonts,

TinyBooks also includes intuitive support for handling virtually any kind
of taxes from any country, including State Sales Taxes, GST (Goods and
Service Taxes), PST (Provincial Sales Taxes), VAT (Value Added Taxes) and

TinyBooks, based on years of experience “doing the books”, is written
exclusively for the Macintosh (OS9 and OSX) and is available now.

For more information, to download a Free Trial, or securely register the
program, please visit the TinyBooks web page at:


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