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iZoho, New Third-Party iPhone Application

iZoho – online office applications for iPhone users

Today, Zoho went live with iZoho, which provides iPhone-optimized access to
Zoho’s online office applications. iPhone users who visit
( can easily view Zoho Writer documents, Zoho Sheet
spreadsheets, and Zoho Show presentations — and edit Zoho Writer documents
— from the Safari browser. More features are on the way.

Of course, iPhone users can also access their Zoho documents at
( However, Zoho optimized the iZoho interface to
support mobile access and iPhone’s touch screen, e.g., simpliefied menus
and sliding pages.

“iZoho is not an online desktop like iGoogle. iZoho is a virtual office
accessible from your iPhone. It’s Zoho, but optimized for iPhone users,”
said Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist. “We think iPhone users will prefer
iZoho’s streamlined interface. The standard Zoho interface has a lot of
features they don’t need. But, if they prefer the complete Zoho feature
set, iPhone users can forgo iZoho and work online at”

Zoho anticipates that the iPhone — with its big screen, built in Wi-Fi,
good usability, and full-fledged browser — will only improve the use of
web applications on mobile devices.

Yet with iZoho, Zoho also recognizes that iPhone users — and mobile phone
users in general — face constraints PC users don’t have, such as smaller
screens and keypads.

Vegesna concluded, “Our customers should be able to access Zoho documents
as quickly and as easily as possible, no matter where they are. iZoho began
as a fun project driven by user requests. We plan to increase the fun and
further develop iZoho to provide better online office collaboration
applications for mobile users in general.”

About Zoho

Zoho is creating the most comprehensive suite of affordable, online
productivity tools for today’s knowledge workers. Nearly 120 developers
work on the Zoho suite, often implementing new features just days after
customers request them and responding to customer queries within minutes of
their posting. To date, Zoho has launched 15 different applications and
more are in the works. For more information on Zoho, please visit

Zoho is a division of AdventNet, in business since 1996 providing
innovative software tools and serving more than 10,000 customers worldwide.
For more information on AdventNet, please visit (

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