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FileWave 3.0

FileWave announces version 3.0 of its Mac OS X software management suite

User interface enhancements, more administrative flexibility and other new
features make a powerful tool even more so

Wil, Switzerland, June 21 2007 — FileWave, a technology leader for
software management on the Mac OS X, Windows and Linux systems, unveiled
today the latest version of its software management suite, FileWave 3.0,
for Mac OS X. (Version 3.0 for Windows and Linux will follow soon.)
FileWave makes the distribution, installation and configuration of software
in multi-platform environments fast and uncomplicated. The new release
offers further performance enhancements and more administrative
flexibility, enabling simultaneous login by multiple administrators as well
as audit logging of administrator actions and access privileges for each
administrator account.

The user interface improvements combine new icons with a cleaner look to
make the program easier to use than ever. New customers will also benefit
from the ability to mass deploy the FileWave Client on first- time
installation. And all users will realize noticeable performance
improvements with login and server updating.

“We’re very pleased with this latest release. Its multi- administrator and
auditing features will greatly benefit our customers, especially those with
widely distributed networks,” explains Ben Forsyth, CEO and Head of
Development at FileWave (USA), Inc. “Additionally, even as the
administrative features have become more robust, we’ve maintained and
improved our user-friendly interface.”

Here is an overview of the additional FileWave 3.0 for Mac OS X features:

Simultaneous login by multiple administrators
Audit logging of administrator actions
Access privileges for each administrator account
Mass deployment of FileWave Client for first time installation of
FileWave Client for new customers
User interface improvements with new icons and other UI improvements
Performance improvements with login and updating server
About FileWave

FileWave develops, markets and integrates the software management tools
FileWave and Asset Trustee. These products deploy, monitor, and manage
applications in enterprise network environments based on Microsoft Windows,
Linux and Apple Macintosh systems. Customers of FileWave include Nike,
Gruner + Jahr, LEGO, Publicis and Viacom. For additional information,
please visit

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