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DTP Tools releases Cross-References public beta

DTP Tools invites InDesign CS2 & CS3 users to test drive their new plug-in, Cross-References, before its final release. Cross-References are xml driven modular system responding to every referencing need. This plug-in is a robust solution inspired by a similar feature in Adobe FrameMaker with many improvements. It takes a full advantage of InDesign environment utilizing paragraph and character styles with XML driven format. Cross-References can work as hyperlinks for electronic output, formats can be defined to automatically localize the reference according to the current language. References can point across files with live updates for all opened documents. DTP Tools encourages beta users to send requests for features or new elements which they’d want to see in the final version. Cross-References are available for InDesign CS2 and InDesign CS3 on both Windows and Mac OS X. A single license price for the final version is US$129.

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