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EditShare Introduces Apple Final Cut Pro Project Sharing


First to deliver Project Sharing workflows for both Apple and Avid editing

Boston, MA — June 19, 2007 — EditShare, the technology leader in cross
platform collaborative editing and shared media storage systems, has
announced the addition of Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP) Project Sharing
capabilities to the EditShare product family. Deployed first for Avid
systems and editors, the widely popular EditShare Project Sharing
technology provides tremendous collaborative workflow benefits by enabling
multiple editors to work on the same project simultaneously. EditShare is
the only collaborative workflow and shared storage solution to offer
project sharing for Apple FCP and Avid editing systems.

“EditShare is more than shared storage — it is workflow and collaboration
tools for creative teams,” comments Andy Liebman, founder and president,
EditShare. “We design and develop solutions customized for the creative
post process. Innovative features such as Final Cut Pro and Avid Project
Sharing are perfect examples of unique benefits the EditShare workflow
offers. They reinforce our commitment in delivering the very best
collaborative solutions for creative environments.”

For the first time, Apple FCP editors can enjoy the same tremendous
collaborative workflow benefits that previously were only available to Avid
editors. The new EditShare Apple FCP Project Sharing feature allows
multiple Apple FCP editors to simultaneously open up and work from the same
projects. EditShare Project Sharing is seamless, eliminating the time
consuming exporting and importing of XML files and duplication of FCP
project files. As with all EditShare systems, the rights management and
rules driven architecture allow administrators to pre-define user access
and prevent overwrites, further enhancing the overall exchange of media and
creative workflow across all post environments.

* An assistant editor can digitize clips, organize into subclips while the
senior editor simultaneously reviews the material;

* Journalists can assemble stories and the promo editor can review the
packages in progress — extracting clips and sound bytes to create the

* Editors working on a reality show can share the same “master clips” and
“subclips” without duplicating media files or projects. The executive
producer can preview a sequence at his desk while editing of the sequence

The EditShare Project Sharing functionality for Apple FCP will ship as part
of the EditShare 5.0 standard feature set in Q3 2007. Existing EditShare
5.0 customers will be provided an update with the new Apple FCP Project
Sharing feature free of charge.

For more information, please visit EditShare at For
imagery, please contact Janice Dolan at

EditShare Workflow – Open Architecture for Affordable, Collaborative Editing

From field to finish — offline to uncompressed HD – EditShare products
maximize media sharing and storage for multi-user editing environments.
EditShare technology leverages the power and affordability of Gigabit
Ethernet to offer seamless media sharing in a collaborative environment.
Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Boris FX, Canopus, Digidesign, Media 100, and
Sony editors and compositors connected to an EditShare network have
realtime access to a common pool of media files. Unlike standard SAN
devices, EditShare technology supports file level sharing – allowing
multiple editors to write to the same volume simultaneously. Regardless of
application or platform, source material, work in progress and finished
packages are shared and instantly available to all users on the EditShare
network. The rules-driven workflow ensures that no data is ever overwritten
or accidentally destroyed.

About EditShare LLC

EditShare LLC is the pioneer of a new category of collaborative editing
solutions designed for digital media workgroups and production companies.
The EditShare system fuels the collaborative creative process for digital
media artists by delivering high quality high performance and cost
effective networked collaborative editing solutions. For more information,
please visit

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