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FileMaker USB Sentry

FileMaker Plug-in Battles Identity Theft and Piracy

Glen Allen, Va – June 18, 2007 – FMWebschool, Inc. announced the USB Sentry
plug-in for FileMaker 7 and 8. This powerful new plug-in enables you to use
a USB stick as a key to unlock your FileMaker solution. USB Sentry works
with both Macintosh and Windows.

Powerful plug-in protects your data and your wallet!

If you are a FileMaker user or developer, then please read on. I’m going to
tell you how to make money as well as put an end to having money taken from

The Problem:

Many of us develop and sell our FileMaker solutions to the public. Many
times these solutions are copied and passed around the customer’s office or
emailed to friends. With most FileMaker solutions it’s extremely easy to
do. Most solutions are protected only by a password. Once the customer has
the password, they are free to pass your solution around with the password.
Instead of selling multiple copies of your software to customers, you are
only able to sell a single copy.

The Solution:

Now there is a way that you can protect your software. You can actually
stop customers from allowing multiple users to access your solution. There
is no username and password that will enable them to open your FileMaker
solution, there is just a simple key.

The key is a USB stick that is tied to your FileMaker solution. If they do
not have the correct USB stick inserted into their computer, then the
FileMaker solution will not run. Yes, they can copy the solution from
computer to computer, they can even email your solution to their friends,
but when they try to run the solution, it will not work unless, you guessed
it, the USB key is physically inserted into their computer.

How does this work?

USB Sentry is a FileMaker plug-in that enables you to lockdown a FileMaker
solution and tie it to a single USB stick. Without that USB stick, the
database says “Sorry, No entry”.

As a developer, you would simply send the customer your solution on a USB
stick. The customer would copy the solution onto their computer, and leave
the USB stick inserted. The FileMaker solution would continue to run until
the stick is removed. Once the stick is removed they will be prompted to
either replace the USB stick or exit the program. USB Sentry is simple and
efficient. No more worrying about passwords or unlock codes, USB Sentry
takes care of this for you.

Other Uses for USB Sentry

Aside from software piracy, USB Sentry can enable you to set up login
routines and protect your data from falling into the wrong hands.

USB Sentry makes it simple to tie multiple USB sticks to a single database.
This way, multiple users can login to a single database if their USB stick
is configured to work with that database. The USB Sentry plug-in includes a
sample database and a detailed users guide that shows you how to quickly
format USB sticks and tie them to your solution.

Protecting your data is also extremely important. Laptop theft is an
extremely easy way for thieves to gain access to personal or client data.
With USB Sentry, the thief will not be able to open your databases unless
the correct USB key is present. You can also protect your FileMaker
database at home or at the office. When you leave, simply remove the USB
stick, and no one will be able to access your database.

Not only does USB Sentry simply enable you to sell your solutions, and be
paid the true value of your product, but also allows you to ensure the
safety of your data.

Watch our new Live movies that demonstrates the amazing power of USB
Sentry. (

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