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DropWaterMark lets you protect your digital work (photographs, art,…) by
applying a watermark to the image. This way your customers can view your
work, but can not steal your work.

You work hard to take great photography and should be rewarded for your
efforts. Watermarking your images is a way to reduce theft and to get
recognition for your creative talents. DropWatermark is an application that
allows you to watermark your images quickly and easily. You just configure
your watermark and then can create new watermarked images quickly. Your
images will be ready to go on the internet and show off your talents.

DropWaterMark have two basic mode for either a single image or folder of
images. The new image opens an image and lets you save the watermarked
image to a new location. The new folder makes a new folder with the
watermarked images. You can drop an image or a folder of images on the
icon, the main window or select from with in the application what method to
use. Unregistered versions can save a default watermark. Registered
versions can save and load watermark configurations.

For the watermark you can setup two different one line text marks, an image
(image on image), or set borders for your pictures. You can set the font,
font properties, rotation, position, transparency (or brightness and color)
and now shadow, bevel, and emboss.

To Download

A trial version of DropWaterMark is available for download from LAJ
Design’s web site:

Windows Mac OS X

DropWaterMark is shareware software, and costs US$ 16.50 to purchase. A
fully-functional demo version is available.

DropWaterMark runs on Windows (98,ME,NT,2000, and XP) and Macintosh OS X
(intel and ppc). We have an older Mac OS 9 version you can download from
our site.

Purchases may be made from the LAJ Design web site:

All registered users of DropWaterMark may upgrade free of charge to version
3.7.3 by downloading the new version.

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