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Batch decryption of password-protected PDFs

The pdf-Recover software package now available as a server solution

Batch decryption of password-protected PDF documents now possible

UNIVERSE Software GmbH has developed pdf-Recover Server Edition, a software
package for companies that receive large numbers of PDF files for further
processing or printing, but cannot work with the files to their full
capability due to password protection. The latest version of the software
removes the main PDF password fully automatically, leaving the user with a
document that can be used without any limits. The Server Version, which can
decrypt an unlimited number of PDF files in one batch previously encrypted
at up to 128 bit AES, costs =A4350, and is already fit for Adobe Acrobat 8.

PDF documents are nearly always password-protected against alteration,
addition, copying, printing and any other processing. This often presents
serious drawbacks in work processes involving several companies — such as
agencies, publishing houses, printers — as the document password has to be
known for each and every PDF document.

The pdf-Recover — Server Edition package represents a completely new kind
of solution. This software from UNIVERSE Software GmbH, based in Solingen,
Germany, automatically produces a copy of the original document that can be
opened despite the missing password, removes the password and places a copy
of the file stripped of protection, with empty password fields, into any
folder selected. This restores the file to its original state, allowing all
of the content to be processed, printed and copied. Even documents with
128-bit AES encryption can be processed with ease.

This is not all that the software can do. If required, the software can
scan whole folders for PDF documents, even recursively in sub-folders, and
decrypt them. This eliminates the time-consuming task of searching for and
decrypting each PDF one by one. The pdf-Recover – Server Edition package
works in the background on the server, automatically decrypting large
numbers of PDF files in a batch process — a highly efficient solution for
companies with large numbers of documents from various sources.

A free trial version in a single-workstation version is available for
download from the online shop at (

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