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Script Timer 2.5


User friendly script and application scheduler adds script scheduling at
log out time, improved Automator workflow scheduling, and other

Apps & More Software Design, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate
availability of Version 2.5 of Script Timer, a script, Automator workflow,
and application scheduling product for Mac OS X, Version 10.3 and later.
Script Timer is released as universal binary.

Script Timer lets you schedule the execution of AppleScript, perl, and
shell scripts, as well as Automator workflows (OS X 10.4 and up only), and
applications. Scheduling options include specific times of the day, week,
month, or year, regular intervals ranging from one second to any number of
weeks, when the computer enters or leaves an idle state, just before the
computer goes to sleep or just after it wakes up, and when you log into or
out of your account. Using a feature called Dynamic Scheduling, you can
also arrange for an AppleScript script to schedule on the fly any other
script, application, or workflow at a time of its choice.

Script Timer consists of three separate modules, an editor (Script Timer
itself) that you use to create and manipulate scheduling data files, a
background scheduling engine that reads the data files and does the actual
scheduling work, and an optional scheduling engine status monitor whose
icon appears in the system status bar to the right of the main menu bar to
show you the current status of the scheduling engine and to allow you to
control it, and to open Script Timer. The scheduling engine is aided by
three small background tools that monitor system idle state, accept sleep
and wake notifications from the operating system, and launch Automator
workflows. The scheduling engine runs in the user domain, which allows it
to be easily controlled by the status monitor’s menu or a Start/Stop button
in a data file window, and provides for greater security. A log file
records each action, including error messages and optional messages
returned from a script, allowing for easy troubleshooting and script
results recording. The application comes with more than half a dozen sample
scripts that illustrate its use, including examples of Finder and third
party application scripting, and the use of scripts taking input
parameters. Also included is Track Timer, a script that provides an
interface between Script Timer and iTunes for automated music play.

Version 2.5 includes more than twenty new features and improvements.

Chief among these are:

– the ability to schedule scripts at log out time,

– the ability to schedule Automator workflows to run just before sleep and
just before log out, and

– the addition of an optional scheduling engine status monitor to allow the
user to quickly determine the state of the scheduling engine and to control

Pricing and Availability

Script Timer 2.5 is trialware, with unregistered copies being fully
functional for 30 days after first use. The application is now available as
a universal binary at most major shareware sites, and at
( (Just click on the Script Timer button.)

Registration fees for Script Timer 2.5 are US$12 for a single copy, US$300
for a site license, and $US120 for an academic site license. Version 2.5 is
a free upgrade to registered users of version 2.0 or later. Registered
users of an earlier version of Script Timer (1.x) are entitled to a free
upgrade if they registered at any time on or before July 28, 2004.
Registered users are eligible for free email support and receive at least
eight additional useful scripts upon registration.

Versions for users of Macintosh OS 7.5 through 10.2.8 (10.0 excepted) are
still available and can be obtained at the Apps & More web site

About Apps & More Software Design, Inc.

Apps & More Software Design, Inc. was created in 1998 to provide Macintosh
custom software and consulting for science and engineering. Products
developed by Apps & More that are of interest to the general Macintosh
community are made available as trialware or freeware.

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