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Open Source iTunes Companion Corripio 0.7 Unveiled

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – MAY 21, 2007 — nClass software has released
version 0.7 of its popular open source iTunes music library companion
program Corripio.

This version of Corripio incorporates some of the most requested user
feedback and allows the user to edit song artwork, lyrics, and information
with more options and greater customization than ever before.

The most notable addition to this version is the ability to add user
generated scripts. Making endless sources for artwork and lyrics available.

Corripio is universal binary for Mac OS X versions 10.4 and above, and is
available for free download at the developer’s website

ABOUT nCLASS SOFTWARE- nClass software strives to make easy to use, helpful
programs for the Macintosh platform. Corripio is currently their only
application, with more coming soon.

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