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Open Door Networks announces Top 10 List


ASHLAND, OR. — May 17, 2007 — Open Door Networks Inc. today announced the
“Internet Security for Your Macintosh Top 10 List,” a free Web-based
listing of the top 10 actions Mac users can take to protect their
computers, and the Macintosh community as a whole, on the Internet. The
list, at supplements Open Door’s “Internet
Security for Your Macintosh” eBook, blog, and DoorStop X Security

The Macintosh has historically been one of the most secure computers
available. Recent market share increases, media spotlight and even Apple’s
own advertising campaign have combined, however, to focus added attention
on Macintosh Internet security. Many Macintosh users, concerned about the
Mac’s security advantage, are looking for ways to maintain that advantage.
Open Door’s top 10 list is intended as one such way.

“Open Door Networks provides key Macintosh security products and services,”
said Alan Oppenheimer, company president and founder. “In light of recent
events, we wanted to supplement those offerings by providing the Mac
community with a short, simple, straightforward list of ways to further
enhance their Mac’s security on the Internet.”

Like everything else having to do with the Net, security threats and
countermeasures will change quickly. Open Door’s top 10 list is intended to
be dynamic too, with updates announced through its blog. Open
Door will also be soliciting suggestions for changes and improvements to
the list and integrating the list into future product offerings.

Open Door Networks, a leading provider of Internet security solutions for
the Macintosh, shipped the first Macintosh firewall in 1998, and premiered
its flagship DoorStop X Security Suite in 2005. Open Door’s mission is to
provide Macintosh users with Internet solutions that are as easy-to-use and
as powerful as the Macintosh itself. Open Door Networks is based in
Ashland, Oregon

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