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Billings 2.5 revs UI, ties to Daylite, Developer Hooks

Billings 2.5 Upgrades UI, Daylite Integration and Offers Mac Developer
Hooks Merlin 2 the first Mac program to take advantage of new Billings data
exchange format

TORONTO, ON – 9 May 2007 – For Billings 2.5, it’s all about increasing the
“wow factor”. Mac-based professionals using Marketcircle Inc.’s Billings
2.5 will enjoy a far more visual User Interface (UI) that better matches
client workflow and seamless integration with Marketcircle business
productivity stable-mate Daylite 3 (version 3.2.3, also available today).
Third party Mac programs – starting with Merlin 2 from ProjectWizards GmbH
– can also take advantage of the new Billings Exchange Format (BEX) to
integrate with Billings 2.5.

Billings 2.5 is available immediately from Marketcircle, with U.S. pricing
starting at $59 (international pricing applies, see
(, and is also offered for a free 21-day
trial at ( The software is a free upgrade for
Billings 2.0 users.

“Even with the kudos Billings has earned from customers and reviewers, in
an unusual move for a mid-stream release, we decided to revamp the primary
interface screens to make it even easier and to improve on our
5-minute-to-first-invoice promise,” says Marketcircle CEO Alykhan Jetha.
“Our aim with Billings 2.5 was greater simplicity, and time-saving workflow
improvements with other applications such as Daylite 3 and Merlin 2. I
think our customers will appreciate the efforts that our engineers have put
into this release.”

In addition to the UI upgrade, Billings 2.5 users benefit from a host of
new timesaving features, including:

* Integration with Daylite 3 (version 3.2.3) business productivity
management software. Manage business in Daylite 3 while bringing data into
Billings 2.5 for time tracking associated with sending invoices. Contact
information, projects, opportunities, and activities like tasks and
appointments can be easily sent to Billings from Daylite, and kept up to
date with just one click (see examples at (

* Integration with Merlin 2 professional project management
software. Professional project managers can manage comprehensive projects
in Merlin with advanced features such a utilization, risks, dependencies
and more. Activities in Merlin can be sent to Billings 2.5 for quoting,
time tracking and invoicing (learn more at (

* Billings Exchange Format (BEX) – a fully featured data exchange
format for sharing data between other Mac programs and Billings 2.5. The
BEX uses Apple’s standard property list format to make it easy for other
Mac developers to integrate their software with Billings 2.5 (see
specification at (

* Four new artistic, elegant estimate and invoice styles (for a
total of 12) that are fully customizable to enhance a business’s image
before and after the job is done

* A new Unbilled Slips window allows Billings 2.5 users to look
ahead at slips with upcoming due dates, or behind at unbilled slips worked
on recently. Plus, see slips imported from other Billings users and combine
them into a single project billing

* Context-sensitive help buttons in key Billings 2.5 windows keep
step-by-step instructions and conceptual information just a click away

Billings 2.5 integrates easily into existing Mac productivity workflows,
integrating fully with Mac OS X’s Address Book, publishing events to iCal,
and making information available via Spotlight. For optimal performance on
any Mac, Billings 2.5 is a universal application working on Intel and
PowerPC processors.

For more information about Billings 2.5, visit (

About Marketcircle Inc.

Marketcircle Inc., the Mac business software company, develops
award-winning business applications for Mac OS X, including Daylite
productivity management software, Daylite Mail Integration Module (DMI),
and Billings, a practical time billing and invoicing application.
Incorporated in 1999, Marketcircle Inc. is located in Toronto, Canada, with
partners worldwide.

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