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AP: ‘Apple, Labels Focus on Copy Protection’

A news report on AP notes that Apple may agree to charge higher prices for its iTunes music downloads, providing music companies allow the company to sell their songs without technology designed to stop unauthorized copying. “Jobs contends that would ‘tear down the walls‘ by allowing consumers to play music they buy at Apple’s iTunes store on any digital music player, not just the company’s iPods. Although most of the major labels insist that safeguards are still needed to stave off online piracy and make other digital music business models work, one company has already struck a deal with Apple. Last month, Britain’s EMI Music Group PLC, home to artists such as Coldplay, Norah Jones and Joss Stone, agreed to let iTunes sell tracks without the copy-protection technology known as digital-rights management. The DRM-free tracks cost 30 cents more than copy-restricted versions of EMI songs and feature enhanced sound quality.

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