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MacLinkPlus Deluxe 16 with Word, Excel 2007 translators

Data Viz is offering a pre-release of MacLinkPlus 16, the latest version of the company’s utility for converting files between Mac and PC formats and between different application formats. The latest upgrade of the award winning file conversion software includes new translators for Microsoft Word and Excel Office 2007 file formats. The new version will enable Mac users to convert, open, read and edit Word and Excel files created in Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows, in popular Macintosh word processing and spreadsheet applications. In addition, the latest version adds a new translator for WordPerfect x3 files and now includes software integration with icWord and icExcel for quick and easy viewing of Word, Excel PowerPoint, AppleWorks and ClarisWorks files (a US$29.99 value). A release to include Office 2007 rich file formatting support for Word and Excel will be available by mid Q2, 2007. Customers who purchase the pre-release of MacLinkPlus Deluxe 16 will receive the full shipping version at no additional cost. MacLinkPlus Deluxe is priced at US$79.99, and customers who own a previous version can upgrade to MacLinkPlus Deluxe 16 for $39.99.

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