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QuickSnap 1.0

Fastforward releases QuickSnap 1.0, new screen capture utility for OS X

April 11, 2007–Fastforward today released QuickSnap 1.0, a new
screen capture utility for Mac OS X which boasts a wide range of
features for only $14.95. QuickSnap includes three main capture
options: Screen, Window and Selection, and can save screenshots in
several different formats.

QuickSnap includes support for hot keys, a status menu, timed
screenshots and more. With QuickSnap, it is also possible to capture
screenshots of the DVD Player, making it a perfect tool for creating
galleries of screenshots from movies. QuickSnap is also ideal for
taking screenshots of web pages and desktops.

A free unlicensed version of QuickSnap can be downloaded from the
Fastforward website. A single-user license costs $14.95 US dollars.


QuickSnap feature overview:

Capture the screen, a window or user-defined selection easily

Use hot keys to take screenshots

Use a status menu to access QuickSnap from anywhere

Take timed screenshots

Use a variety of different file formats

Save screenshots in a location of your choice

About Fastforward
Fastforward develops, publishes and distributes applications for Mac
OS X. Fastforward helps independent shareware developers around the
world by financing projects and providing the business knowledge they
need in order to succeed. Fastforward is located in Sheffield,
England and was founded in 2006.

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