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VMware Fusion Beta 3 Now Available

April 6, 2007 – We are pleased to announce the release of VMware
Fusion Beta 3, the easiest and most complete way to run any PC
application your Mac–without rebooting.

Based on feedback from users like you, we’ve made scores of
improvements that make VMware Fusion faster, more reliable and even
easier to use.
What’s New and Improved with VMware Fusion Beta 3

* Improved performance: You now have the option of turning off
debugging features in VMware Fusion to enjoy even better performance.

* Support for Boot Camp: You no longer have to choose between Windows
or Mac–run Windows XP side-by-side with Mac OS X off your existing
Boot Camp partition.

* Windows Easy Install: Just answer a few simple questions, insert
your Windows CD, and VMware Fusion will automatically create a
Windows virtual machine that is optimized for your Mac.

* Virtual machine packages: Virtual machines are now encapsulated in
a single, easy-to-manage package. Move your virtual machines to
another hard drive or Mac simply by copying a file.

* Enhanced virtual machine management: Managing multiple virtual
machines and changing virtual machine settings is even easier with
the Virtual Machine Library.

* Improved international support: European and Japanese Apple
keyboards now work properly in virtual machines.

There is no better way to run PC applications side-by-side with Mac
OS X. Download VMware Fusion Beta 3 today and see why.

The VMware Fusion Team

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