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ActiveState Releases Perl Dev Kit 7.0

Cover, speeding
interpretation of results through syntax highlighting and an
intuitive interface, and adding new functionality for simplifying
management of code changes over time.

“Coverage Analyzer, like all PDK’s tools, is about ease-of-use: the
ability for anyone to create a quality Perl application and then
deploy it to coworkers or clients anywhere,” says Jan Dubois, lead
developer, PDK. “Coverage analysis is only as good as your
understanding of the results, so by presenting even highly complex
data in a readily usable format, Coverage Analyzer makes it easy to
optimize code.”

With this release, Perl programmers also get the latest version of
PerlApp, the most advanced tool for creating and deploying Perl
executables to all major platforms. Heuristic refinements provide
sophisticated module wrapping to improve executable performance, and
Unix versions have been redesigned to use dynamically-linked runtime
libraries, for significantly smaller executables.

“We use PDK to provide our customers with critical network management
applications written in Perl. With the new dynamically-linked runtime
libraries, we can enhance these applications with functionality from
key modules–and even provide smaller exes,” said Mike Gent, Virtual
Expanse Innovations. “I highly recommend the new PDK to any Perl

PDK 7.0 also extends platform support to Mac OS X, allowing new users
to take advantage of PerlApp and PDK’s other valuable tools.
Additionally, native 64-bit support is now available for Windows
(x64), Linux (x64) and Solaris (Sparc).

ActiveState also distributes ActivePerl, the complete,
ready-to-install Perl distribution for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux,
Solaris, AIX and HP-UX.

PDK 7.0 is available in three editions. PDK Productivity Tools and
PDK Deployment Tools are targeted bundles, available for special
release pricing of $115.00 (regular price: $145.00). PDK Pro Pack
combines PDK Productivity and Deployment Tools in a single,
high-value bundle, with special release pricing of $195.00 (regular
price: $245.00). Upgrade pricing and education licenses are also
available. Release specials end April 20, 2007. All editions are
available now at

PDK Pro Pack is also available with ActivePerl Pro Studio, a
subscription-based service that also includes the recently released
Komodo IDE 4.0, Safari Books Online, and the PerlAlert newsletter. A
one-year subscription, including software upgrades, is $495.00,
available at:

About ActiveState
ActiveState is the leading provider of tools and services for dynamic
languages such as JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl.
Millions of developers rely on ActiveState’s cross-platform,
professional development tools, high-quality language distributions,
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