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Miglia Technology announces TVMax+

Miglia Technology today announced TVMax+, a content collection hub, for use with iPod, AppleTV and Apple computers. TVMax+ allows you to view your favorite shows on every screen in your home, from your living room to your iPod to your Mac. TVMax+ also doubles as a digital TV tuner, so you can watch, pause and record TV shows to watch exactly as you want choose. Eric Ferraz, CTO, Miglia Technology, commented: “ TVMax+ offers the missing link between TV or Video content and Apple TV or iPod. This is a digital hub enabling you to connect a full range of video devices using the Coaxial, Composite S-Video inputs. Transform your Mac into a personal video recorder or capture your VHS, Camcorder tapes or DVDs. Miglia is delighted to be able to offer TVMax+ with it’s new specially developed software that giving you the best possible performance from Miglia’s custom hardware.” TVMax+ is priced at £149.

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