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SecuritySpy 1.4.1

Multi-camera video surveillance software for the Macintosh

March 13, 2007 – With features such as motion detection, real-time
compression and network video streaming, SecuritySpy has everything
required for demanding video surveillance applications. Combined with
Mac OS X, the rock-solid operating system from Apple, SecuritySpy
offers unsurpassed speed, stability and ease of use.

Web site address:

The main features of SecuritySpy are:

– Displays and captures live video from multiple cameras simultaneously

– Supports Macintosh-compatible video and audio input devices

– Supports network video devices (Axis, JVC, Panasonic, Pixord, D-Link etc)

– Motion Detection and Timelapse capture features, with audio

– Built-in web server for remote viewing and administration

– Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) support for many network cameras

– Powerful real-time compression for efficient storage of captured footage

– Broadcasting support for powerful video delivery via QuickTime
Streaming Server (QTSS)

– FTP upload feature for off-site storage of captured footage

– Motion-triggered email notifications

– Pre-capture buffer to capture video before the time of motion

– Browser feature for playback of captured footage, with synchronised
multi-camera playback

SecuritySpy can be downloaded and tested free of charge for a 30 day
evaluation period before purchasing. Pricing is as follows:

Single camera use: $50
Up to four simultaneous cameras: $125
Up to eight simultaneous cameras: $250
Unlimited simultaneous cameras: $500

Information and downloads are available at:

The improvements in version 1.4.1 are:

– MPEG-4 compression for remote viewing of live video using a web browser

– Finer control over compression settings for still image capture and
video streaming

– Support for the Panasonic WV-NP244 network camera

– Support for the Panasonic BL-C1 and BL-C20 network cameras

– Support for the Sony SNC-P1 and SNC-CS50 network camera

– Fixed problem using audio input devices with more than two inputs

– Minor bug fixes

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