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Mac Intel, Universal Binary editions of SheerVideo posted

BitJazz has released Intel and Mac Universal Binary editions of SheerVideo, their cross-platform, real-time lossless software video codec. Introduced in 2003, SheerVideo lets users work twice as fast at half the uncompressed file size, with perfect fidelity to the original video and digitized film, notes the company. The ultra-fast nondestructive power of SheerVideo saves time, space, and money in professional video and film production and archival workflows, while faithfully preserving every single bit of image information. The new SheerVideo for Mac Intel edition lets SheerVideo run in native mode on the new Intel Mac systems, while the Universal Binary edition runs native Intel mode and on any PowerPC running Mac OS X. SheerVideo Pro is available now for US$149 for Windows PC, Mac Intel, Mac PPC, or Mac Classic, and can be downloaded and evaluated for free for 20 days of use.

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