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Online services for older versions of Quicken to end

Intuit has posted a notice to its Web site, outlining discontinuation of its online services for older versions of Quicken. “As of April 30, 2007, in accordance with the Quicken discontinuation policy, online services and live technical support will no longer be available for Quicken 2004 users. These services include online bill pay; downloading financial data from your bank, credit union, credit card, brokerage, 401(k), or mutual fund accounts; downloading stock quotes, news headlines, and other financial information into Quicken; uploading portfolio information from Quicken to; and providing access to the investing features on, including portfolio tracking, any watch lists you have created, One-Click Scorecard, Stock Evaluator, and Mutual Fund Evaluator.” Information on other versions of Quicken is available on the site.

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