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Valentina 2.5.5

* Valentina 2.5.5 Released;
* Valentina for Ruby on Rails Announced
* Valentina’s day gifts – SAVE UP TO $900!

February 5, 2007. Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc
announces the release of Valentina 2.5.5 for Revolution — both for
Valentina database tools for software vendors and the business ready
Valentina Office Server 2.5.5.

Valentina 2.5.5 technology release for all products includes
improvements to importing database dumps from mySQL AB’s mySQL
database. Developers who are porting from mySQL to Valentina will
notice improvements in dumping data from mySQL that in turn is
imported into Valentina.

Valentina Office Server 2.5.5, a business-ready database server, also
now incorporates scripting support for Ruby on Rails, the
object-oriented, open source web framework for building web

Valentina database products, available on Windows and Mac OS X, are
based on the unique Valentina database engine — an object-relational
database engine known for extreme speed. When porting to Valentina,
hours become minutes, minutes become seconds when it comes to
storing, retrieving and querying databases. Valentina supports all
modern standards — native Unicode, XML import/export and ODBC

New Valentina ADKs are available that allow creation of local
database solutions in both Ruby/Ruby on Rails and PHP 4 and PHP 5.
Valentina Application Developer Kits are royalty free local database
runtimes for deploying database applications. Valentina ADKs start at

Valentina Developer Network Platform Edition includes a set of tools
for all supported operating systems of one development environment —
and allows deployment of Valentina Embedded Database Server, royalty
free. In addition, VDN Platform Edition includes reseller options,
VDN Platform Edition sells for $599.

Get VDN Professional or Enterprise before February 15, 2007 to get a
free deployment of Valentina Embedded Server Unlimited Version free –
and save up to $400+500! More information here:

Valentina ADKs and VDN is available for most development tools on
Windows and Mac OS X, including Runtime Revolution, Adobe Director,
Cocoa/Objective-C, C++ (xCode, MS Visual Studio), REALbasic, .net
framework, COM, PHP, Ruby and ODBC.

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