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Ghost Action 1.0

New Mac Software Helps You Get Things Done

Stockholm, Sweden, February 5, 2007 — Ghost Park Software has
released Ghost Action 1.0, a Mac application that helps you get
organized, increase your productivity, and make better use of your
time. Instead of having a single list full of unrelated to-dos, Ghost
Action gives you different views of your to-dos, grouped according to
context or project. You will use the project view when planning the
next action for your projects, for example Repaint bedroom or Review
report. You will use the context view to get an overview of what can
be done at a the current context. A context refers to locations or
situations, such as Home, Computer, Work and Errands, that are
suitable for a certain kind of to-dos.

Ghost Action features full two-way synchronization with iCal, which
enables synchronization of your to-dos to any iSync compatible device
such as a phone or PDA, so that you may access your to-dos even when
you are on the move. Users, who don’t use a portable device, can
achieve the same goal by printing their to-do lists.

Getting Things Done is a simple and stress-free productivity method
invented by David Allen that has gained a large and loyal following
on sites such as Merlin Mann’s You can learn more
about David Allen’s methodology at

Ghost Action has been designed exclusively for the Mac plattform and
utilizes the latest Sync Services technology of Mac OS X 10.4, which
enables the best synchronization experience.

Ghost Action runs under Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, costs $19.95 (US), and
may be purchased securely online at (
You can download a free 14-day trial version of Ghost Action at the
same web address.

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