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Potion Factory’s Tangerine! 1.1: A Magical Playlist Generator

Potion Factory Releases Tangerine! 1.1: A Magical Playlist Generator

LOS ANGELES, California — January 17, 2006 — Potion Factory is pleased to
announce the release of Tangerine! 1.1 for Mac OS X. Tangerine! lets you
create playlists of upbeat songs, or playlists for relaxing by analyzing
the tempo and the beat intensity of music.

Tangerine! was dreamed up by the Potion Factory founders when they noticed
that they were spending more time picking out workout songs than actually
working out. Frustrated with having to listen to the same music over and
over again or skipping and fumbling over mood-ruining songs during a
workout, they decided to scratch their own itch and develop a product to
solve the problem once and for all.

The new version features presets based on criteria rules to make playlist
generation even easier; better iTunes integration; and lots of bug fixes.

Tangerine! has been downloaded over 50,000 times already–despite having
been available only a few months–making it the most popular program
amongst Potion Factory products. The blogosphere has received Tangerine!
well too–the Wired blog, Ars Technica Journal, and Lifehacker being just
some of the prominent ones that have enthusiastically reviewed Tangerine!.

Since its launch, many iPod+Nike users have started using Tangerine! to
create the perfect playlist for their runs. The iTunes Store already has a
selection of songs suitable for workouts, however, runners can now enjoy
their own favorite songs during their run by having Tangerine!
automatically comb through their music library to pick out songs that will
match their own foot speed and routine. Tangerine! also provides five
playlist generation patterns that look much like treadmill routines. Using
these patterns, runners can easily create playlists for interval training,
or hill training.

Even users who are not runners or fitness enthusiasts are finding many uses
for Tangerine!. DJs, especially, have begun to use Tangerine! to help sort
out the beats per minute of their music while others claim that Tangerine!
will drastically change the way they enjoy their music.

Tangerine! sells for $24.95 and can be downloaded and purchased at A 15-day demo is available at the site as

About Potion Factory:

Potion Factory is a partnership between Jin Kim and Andy Kim, two switchers
who fell in love with Mac OS X so much that they decided to make a business
out of writing software for the Mac. Since then, Potion Factory has
dedicated itself to developing simple and elegant software such as Podcast
Maker and Voice Candy in addition to Tangerine!

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