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Perceptive Automation Releases Indigo 2.0

New Embedded Web Server Offers Real Time, Cross Platform Control of
Lights, Appliances And More

San Francisco, CA (Macworld Expo) – January 9, 2007 – Perceptive
Automation, the leading provider of Mac-based home automation
software, today announced the immediate availability of Indigo
version 2.0, a major update to the company’s intelligent home control
and automation server for Mac OS X. With Indigo, users can easily
control lights, appliances, lawn sprinklers, hot tubs and dozens of
other items found in the home.

Indigo now includes a client/server architecture allowing remote
control and configuration from any local or remote location. The
server supports local network access through a native Universal
Binary Mac OS client as well as web browser access provided by the
Indigo server’s built-in web server. The Indigo server can be
installed on any Mac OS X-based computer.

Control Pages: Rich Web Page Creation for Home Automation with No Coding

In addition to now having a built-in web server, Indigo also
introduces Control Pages allowing the graphical creation of powerful
web pages capable of controlling all devices. Indigo’s Control Page
editor allows any user to create and edit Control Pages without the
need to understand HTML, CSS, or JavaScript programming. As a result,
rich AJAX-driven web pages are easily created providing users a quick
way to access, control and receive real-time status of their
automated home.

“The primary focus of this release was to make certain that Indigo
users can gain immediate control of their automated home from
anywhere,” said Matt Bendiksen, president of Perceptive Automation.
“To do that, the Indigo user community said they would really like to
have cross platform web browser access as well as the ability to run
the native Indigo client on other Macs in their homes.”

“Whether I am at home or not, I know that my house will look like
someone is there. Indigo has performed this task reliably for me for
several years,” says Mike Morper, an active member of the Indigo user
community forums. “However, now with Indigo 2.0, I am able to
completely control my home from work or while I am traveling —
either directly through a web browser or even on my Blackberry,”
commented Morper. “And now that I have Indigo controlling my lawn
sprinklers, I no longer need to worry about that daily task either.
Indigo checks the weather for me and determines if it’s raining or
110 degrees out and adjusts my watering time accordingly.”

Other new functionality introduced in Indigo 2.0 includes native
Intel Mac support, refinements to the user interface, improved Indigo
email status and actions, improved INSTEON support, and support for
irrigation devices such as the EZRain, Rain8, and IrrMaster sprinkler

Indigo provides native support for the INSTEON-enabled PowerLinc V2
(2414U) CM-11, LynX-PLC, MR26, and W800RF32. These interfaces allow
Indigo to remotely communicate with INSTEON and X10 devices
throughout the home, giving users remote programmable control over
lights, appliances, irrigation systems, and HVAC. Additionally,
Indigo boasts integrated support for the popular Salling Clicker
application and the Ovolab Phlink telephony device, allowing remote
home control from Bluetooth-enabled devices or any touch-tone

Pricing and Availability

Indigo v2.0 is available now for an introductory price of $179.95
through the Perceptive Automation website, All Indigo v1.x customers are eligible
for a $90 credit toward the upgrade purchase of v2.0. Also available
online is a 30 day trial copy of Indigo. Indigo runs on Mac OS X 10.4
or greater, and requires a supported INSTEON or X10 computer
interface for controlling home lighting and appliance modules.

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