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Unmarked Software releases TextSoap 5.5 upgrade

Unmarked Software today announced the availability of TextSoap 5.5, available in Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition of its text transformation tool. TextSoap 5.5 offers a fresh, new look and adds several new features to the Deluxe Edition. New custom cleaner actions include the ability to set the style of text, find text based on its style, change the style of text based on its content, and easily extract text using a regular expression. Word count is now available in a palette providing on the fly statistics on your text. The new BBEdit and TextWrangler palettes are improved to use have the same functionality as the palette found in the main application (filter on cleaners, group labels, tooltips with descriptions). TextSoap is priced at US$29.95 for the Standard Edition, or $39.95 for the Deluxe Edition.

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