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Small Tree Introduces Edge-Core Brand Ethernet Switch Products

Enterprise Class L2/3/4 Switches at Affordable=20

Oakdale, MN, January 8,=20
2007–( Tree=20
Communications, a leader in networking and=20
storage solutions, will, effective immediately,=20
sell and support Edge-corE brand managed Layer 2=20
and Layer 3 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet=20
switches in the U.S.A. and Canada. Edge-Core=20
switch products are ideal for the demanding needs=20
of digital content creation and enterprise=20
networking customers, with emphasis on full=20
line-rate performance, scalability, QoS, and=20

Edge-Core, a division of Accton Corporation based=20
in Taiwan, has established a large market share=20
for its Ethernet based products in the rest of=20
the world during the past three years. Small Tree=20
will offer Edge-corE Layer 3/4 core network=20
switches and Layer 2/3 switches for edge=20
applications or standalone use in small and=20
medium businesses. The stackable Layer 2/3=20
switches are the key emphasis, providing=20
solutions with advanced features, outstanding=20
performance and lower cost. “We are delighted to=20
make Edge-corE brand switches available for the=20
first time in the North American market,” said=20
Derek Robb, Small Tree Vice-President of Sales=20
and Business Development. “Edge-corE is a highly=20
respected brand in Europe, South America and Asia=20
and I am certain that our customers here will be=20
delighted with their quality, performance and=20
value.” Small Tree will initially offer 6=20
Edge-corE switches. For maximum bandwidth in=20
backbone networks, the Edge-corE ES4625 and=20
ES4649 are intelligent L3 Gigabit Ethernet=20
stackable switches offering 20 or 44 10/100/1000=20
Base-T copper ports plus four combo (RJ45 or SFP)=20
ports and an optional I/O module for 10 Gigabit=20
Ethernet uplink. The ES5508 is a full function=20
L2/L4 10 Gigabit Ethernet standalone switch=20
configured with eight 10GBASE XFP ports allowing=20
optical or copper connections. The ES4626H is a=20
24 port 10/100/1000 Ethernet stackable L2/L3/L4=20
switch with 20 10/100/1000 Base-T ports plus four=20
combo ports on the front panel, optional 10Gb XFP=20
uplink modules and two stacking ports on the rear=20
panel. It combines the speed and low cost of a=20
Layer 2 switch with the ability to route at Layer=20
3. The ES4524D and ES2548D provide cost-effective=20
Gigabit Ethernet switching for=20
bandwidth-intensive networks that do not require=20
10GB uplink capability.

All of the Edge-corE switches above offer full=20
line speed performance, support for Jumbo frames,=20
dynamic 802.3ad link aggregation and redundant=20
power supplies. They have been extensively tested=20
in configurations using Small Tree multi-port GbE=20
and 10GbE cards and Small Tree Mac AoE network=20
storage from 2=9AFrost.

“We are pleased to partner with Small Tree to=20
supply Edge-corE brand products to the North=20
American market,” said June Chao, Director of=20
Edge-Core. “Their expertise in high performance=20
networking is recognized throughout the world=20
and, together with their resellers, they will be=20
able to provide a high level of sales and=20
technical support for our products.”

Small Tree will demonstrate the Edge-corE=20
products at MacWorld in San Francisco, January=20
9-12, 2007.

About Small Tree Communications
Small Tree is dedicated to providing unique=20
leading-edge enterprise networking solutions for=20
Apple Mac OS X. With world-class high-performance=20
computing experience from its team of networking=20
and kernel developers, Small Tree brings new=20
technology peripheral products to meet the=20
demanding application requirements of Mac=20
customers. Small Tree also provides contracted=20
programming services for the Department of=20
Defense. For more information about the company=20
and its products, please call 1-866-STC4MAC, or=20
visit (

About Edge-Core
Based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Edge-Core is a Division=20
of Accton Corporation dedicated to the sales of=20
Accton networking hardware and software via the=20
“Edge-Core” product line. Edge-Core’s strategy is=20
to provide industry standard, cost-effective=20
networking components for Enterprise=20
applications, including indoor, outdoor,=20
single-spot, or multi-spots so that Enterprise=20
clients can obtain faster and more convenient=20
services. For more information, visit=20

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