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Canon debuts new DVD camcorders

Canon today introduced several new DVD camcorders to its product line. These include the DC50, DC230, DC220 and DC210 DVD Camcorder models. The DC50 (available in late February and carries an estimated selling price of US$799) features a 5.39 Megapixel CCD Image Sensor with an RGB Primary Color Filter, 10x optical / 200x digital zoom lens, Canon’s Super Range Optical Image Stabilization, and more. The DC230, DC220 and DC210 all feature a 35x optical zoom lens (1000x digital zoom), Canon’s Smooth Zoom feature and Image Stabilization, and more. Available in early March, the Canon DC210 and DC220 DVD Camcorder kits carry an estimated selling price of $399 and $449, respectively. The DC230 DVD Camcorder will be available in late March for an estimated selling price of $499. Complete details on all of these models are available in the announcement.

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