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Knitting Wizard version 1.0.0

Black Cat Systems Releases Knitting Wizard version 1.0.0

WESTMINSTER, MD (December 14, 2006) – Black Cat Systems
( announces that Knitting Wizard
version 1.0.0, has been released. Knitting Wizard is distributed as
shareware, and priced at $19.99. It is available for Mac OS X, Mac OS
9, and Windows.

Knitting Wizard lets you create your own custom knitting grids and
diagrams. You have complete control over the diagram characteristics:

* Select the number stitches and rows per inch
* Specify the total number of stitches and rows
* Selection from a dozen standard paper sizes, or custom create your own
* Diagrams saved as pdf files, so you can print them whenever you wish
* Optionally print out row and stitch numbers
* Heavier marker lines can be added to the diagrams

A copy of Knitting Wizard may be downloaded from the Black Cat
Systems web site, the URL is

Black Cat Systems creates and distributes Macintosh software, with a
specific emphasis on programs for the scientific, amateur radio, and
hobby markets.

Information about Black Cat Systems entire line of products can be
found at

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