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RAGE Google Sitemap Automator 1.5

Toronto, Ontario (December 5, 2006) — RAGE Software announced today
the immediate availability of RAGE Google Sitemap Automator 1.5. A
free update to the software package allowing web-masters to automate
the process of generating Google Sitemaps. RAGE Google Sitemap
Automator 1.5 will now run natively on Intel based Macs as a
Universal Binary.

Google Sitemaps enable web-masters to communicate directly with
search engines and keep them informed of which pages to index, how
often these pages are modified and how important each page is
relative to every other page on a web site. With the announcement of
Yahoo and MSN supporting Google Sitemaps, having an up-to-date
sitemap on your web site allows all major search engines to know
exactly how and when they should crawl your web site.

With RAGE Google Sitemap Automator you can automate the process of
creating Google Sitemaps by utilizing powerful filters and preset
conditions so you don’t have to go through thousands of pages
yourself. You then upload your Google Sitemap to your web server and
notify search engines so they know where to find your sitemap file.

RAGE Google Sitemap Automator 1.5 now lets web developers strip
unnecessary variables from their web site urls before they are added
to a sitemap. This makes sure incompatible session ids for PHP based
web sites are not added to a sitemap file. This update also allows
web site owners to save their FTP account information for multiple
servers. When they upload their sitemaps, they no longer have to
enter their server details each time.

Lastly, this version is now a Universal Binary and will run natively
on Intel based Mac computers.

RAGE Google Sitemap Automator works with Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later. A
free trial version is available for download from;

The full version of RAGE Google Sitemap Automator which adds
automatic submission to Google as well as the ability to generate an
unlimited number of Google Sitemaps can be purchased for $29.95 USD
safely and securely from;

Since 1999, RAGE Software has continued to deliver Macintosh Software
for web developers including RAGE WebDesign, the first fully
extendable HTML editor for the Mac, and RAGE ButtonDesign, the first
CSS based web site button creation tool.

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