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iWisdom 1.20

iWisdom 1.20 Adds Ability to Generate RSS Feeds

Seattle, WA — December 3, 2006 — PowerSurge Publishing has just
released iWisdom version 1.20, adding an ability to generate RSS
feeds. A new Collection Tab has been added, to store information
about an overall wisdom collection. The actual RSS feed is created
via XML and XSL templates.

iWisdom is a program that manages a collection of quotations or other
brief insights. The program tracks a rich set of data fields
concerning each bit of wisdom, including author, source, year of
publication, title and category. iWisdom allows you to view wisdom in
a list view (with optional sort fields), a category view, an edit
view, and a display mode, which you can use to randomly display a new
quotation at set intervals. iWisdom stores its data in the wisdom XML
format, and can publish a wisdom collection in HTML using a series of
included XSL templates and cascading style sheets. A sample of the
results can be seen at (

iWisdom is written in Java and is available for all major computing
platforms, including Mac OS X, Windows, and virtually all versions of
Unix. A fully functional version of the program can be downloaded
from the PowerSurge Publishing Web site, at
( iWisdom is freeware. See the company
Web site for further information.

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