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Parliant announces PhoneValet 5.0

Parliant today announced it is now shipping PhoneValet Message Center 5.0 for the small office, home, and home office. PhoneValet’s software and hardware platform turns a Mac into a virtual call center with unlimited voice mail boxes, call blocking, recording, logging and screening, automated dialing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities — on single or multiple lines. Version 5.0 sports a new interface designed to simplify access to its many telephony features, including a new patent pending Call Completion Technology (CCT). CCT directs an incoming caller to a person or department, plays music or audio information as the caller is being transferred, then directs the caller to voice mail or other audio information options if the call can’t be answered in person. PhoneValet 5.0 sells for US$169.95 per line.

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