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XRackPro2 server rack in Black

Server Rack Mount Cabinet Released in Black

GizMac Accessories Ships Black Version of Server Rack Mount Cabinet
Designed to Reduce Noise

Torrance, CA — November 16, 2006 — GizMac Accessories, designer and
manufacturer of server rack mount cabinet enclosures for noise
reduction, begins shipping their XRackPro2 server rack mount cabinets
in black.

GizMac Accessories produces 4U, 12U and 25U server rack models which
reduce the noise from installed equipment up to 80 percent. Until
now, platinum has been the only color available for the XRackPro2,
this color closely matches many Apple, Dell, Sun or other servers and
RAID systems with silver or gray type finishes. “We surveyed our
customers and found that many XRackPro owners have black furniture or
black equipment,” says Tim Cave, LOAHS for GizMac Accessories,
“GizMac realized a need to make a black version of our XRackPro noise
reducing server rack line and we are introducing it today”

The XRackPro2 server rack mount cabinet allows computer, audio /
video and other equipment to be placed in areas that require low
noise. Post production for film, video and audio editing; television,
cable and radio broadcasting; business offices or any other
environment that requires low noise and want a darker cabinet will
benefit from the new black XRackPro2 series.

Pricing for the black XRackPro2 server racks start at $499.99 US
retail. Purchases can be made through authorized resellers and on the
XRack Pro web site at ( or by calling the
corporate headquarters at (800) 475-1677.

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