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OpenMenu X Rev.1.01

Artman21, Japan – Nov, 13, 2006
Artman21 Inc.(16-11, Minami Fujisawa, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan
2510055) today has released a versatile contextual menu utility
OpenMenu X Rev.1.01.

In Rev.1.01, 7 improvements, including French localization and option
key shortcut, have been conducted and 5 miner bugs were fixed.

Contextual Menu Utility
OpenMenu X Rev1.01
File size: 4.3MB

Release date: 11/13, 2006
shareware: US$10
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OpenMenu is a utility that allows you to freely customize your
contextual menu. You can open documents, applications, AppleScripts,
Services Menu Items, and URLs any time you want. OpenMenu also
supports the file system browsing. You can browse the file system and
open/move files or folders through a contextual menu.

+ Executes the Service menu items from the context menu.

+ Supports the shortcut key for each menu item.

+ Supports the long-press of the mouse button to invoke a contextual menu.

+ Compatible with Cocoa applications. OpenMenu X can get the context
information from both Carbon and Cocoa applications.

+ Also supports the status bar menu.

+ Compatible with the System Preferences.

System Requirement:
+ Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

+ Supports Universal Binary.

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