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SubRosaSoft announces VolumeWorks 1.5 today announced the availability of VolumeWorks 1.5, the company’s Mac OS X utility that supports dynamic resizing. The latest version of the software offers better performance, Intel Mac support, and a dual- bootable CD which supports PPC and Intel Macs. “One of the biggest developments since the release of Mac OS X, the Intel-based Mac provides an astonishing level of performance. The latest version of VolumeWorks is an Universal Binary application. This allows the software to automatically run at peak performance on any Mac architecture. It is optimized for Intel-based Macs to take advantage of their blazing speed.
In additional to optimized support for Intel Macs, VolumeWorks 1.5 supports the latest partition format shipped with the new Intel machines (GPT). VolumeWorks’ Rebuild feature can convert the drive’s partition map between PDISK format for use with older PowerPC-based systems and GUID format for newer Intel-based Mac systems. VolumeWorks is priced at US$49.95.

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