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VTour For Macintosh

REALVIZ Announces The Availability of VTour For Macintosh

Sophia Antipolis, France (November 2, 2006) – REALVIZ, a leader in
image processing software development, is pleased to announce the
availability of their innovative software, VTour, on the Macintosh
platform. REALVIZ VTour, which launched in March of this year, draws
on the award-winning technology of Stitcher and ImageModeler, and
offers users of all levels an innovative and effective solution for
the creation of photo-real 3D environments from 2D pictures or
panoramas. VTour has been specifically developed for use in a wide
range of applications, such as virtual walkthroughs, 3D simulation,
virtual reality, urban planning and video games, and is also well
suited for the creation of virtual sets for film and television.

Starting directly from digital photographs, or from full 360-degree
panoramas (created using Stitcher, for example), VTour facilitates
the creation of 3D scenes such as interiors, or urban areas using
polygonal photo-textured primitives. The results can be
exported/published as either a 3D movie, or as an interactive
application using 3D viewers such as SPi-V3d viewer (based on
Shockwave). VTour also enables the creation of geo-referenced 3D
scenes for Google Earth. 3D environments, virtual tours and other
photo-realistic material created with VTour, can be directly exported
and published in Google Earth, pin-pointing exact geographical
positioning, courtesy of the Google Earth 3D viewer.

Version 1.1 of VTour enables users to create stunning photo-realistic
web-content of only a few mega bytes in size, easier and quicker than
ever before. Project file sizes can be reduced by a ratio of 2 to 3,
without any resulting loss of quality. Texture compression quality
can also be edited for even greater control. Version 1.1 includes an
updated SPi-V3d viewer, for improved compatibility with Macintosh
computers. The SPi-V3d viewer was developed for use with VTour by
fieldOfView as an extension to their SPi-V engine, a versatile viewer
technology focused on interactive panoramas. The viewer combines the
panorama viewing and interactivity features of the SPi-V engine with
the unique ability to step outside the center of the panoramic image
offered by VTour. The SPi-V 3d player allows VTour users to instantly
explore the 3d models exported by the application as Shockwave 3d
files, and offer the same experience to a wider audience as well.

VTour 1.1 also offers an export to Autodesk Maya (from version 6.0)
for a complete integration in the most widely used 3D production
chains. This feature offers the following benefits:

* It exports camera, 3D models, textures, 3D points, coordinate
system, environment maps

* It automatically provides the necessary Maya hierarchy for the exported data

* It automatically creates an environment map from the original
spherical panorama

* It provides the MEL script to help the creation of
multi-environment projects.

“There are times (albeit few and far between) when a new software
package arrives on your desk that makes you sit back and smile. VTour
by REALVIZ is one of those packages, simple to use with results that
far out weigh the time spent producing them.”
Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith,, UK.

Pricing & Availability:
VTour is available in English for Windows and Macintosh at a price
point of 499 * / $ 580 US.

For further information on VTour, please go to, or contact

REALVIZ is a leading developer of image based creation software
headquartered in Sophia Antipolis, France, with satellite sales
offices in Los Angeles, London and Paris. REALVIZ develops a suite of
image-based content creation solutions for the film, broadcast,
gaming, digital imaging, architecture and Internet communities.
Derived from years of research efforts at the renowned INRIA Lab in
France, the company’s applications enable 2D and 3D artists to easily
and cost-effectively tackle complex digital imaging projects.
REALVIZ’ award-winning products are used by thousands of professional
photographers, as well as leading production and effects houses, web
design, game development and architectural companies worldwide,
including Boeing, Daimler Chrysler, The Orphanage, Inc, Cinesite,
Framestore CFC, Sony Imageworks, Warner Brothers Animation,
Electronic Arts, Duran Duboi and many others.

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