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TechRestore launches 200GB HD MacBook/Pro upgrade

TechRestore today announced that they have begun offering a 200GB drive upgrade as part of their overnight hard drive upgrade service for MacBook and MacBook Pro systems. The new upgrade features the first 200GB Serial ATA drive upgrade available for notebooks. The overnight service includes installation of the new drive into the user’s notebook and data transfer from the old hard drive onto the 200GB SATA drive. An exact clone of the user’s old hard drive is transferred to the new drive, ready for immediate use when their notebook is returned to them via overnight courier. An option is also available to install the user’s old drive into a portable external enclosure. The 200GB overnight upgrade is US$399 including the hard drive, installation and data transfer. The upgrade includes a 1-year warranty from TechRestore and a 5-year warranty on the hard drive from the manufacturer.

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