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ATTO Technology SCSI PCI Express RAID Adapters

ATTO Technology Introduces Comprehensive Line of Serial Attached SCSI
PCI Express RAID Adapters For Performance-Focused IT And Digital
Media Customers

Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and
infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments,
today unveiled the industry’s most innovative line of SAS/SATA RAID
Adapters, providing flexible SAS and SATA II connectivity while
delivering blazing-fast 3-Gb/sec. per port performance for IT and
digital media users requiring the highest performance SAS RAID

ATTO’s new ExpressSAS RAID adapters are the industry’s first products
with a true low-profile form factor that fit standard-length PCI
Express slots, making them ideal for compact and blade server
applications where real estate is at a premium, and are the only SAS
RAID adapters with hardware RAID 6 and RAID 60 support, protecting
valuable customer data against dual drive failures. The ExpressSAS
products offer user selectable port configuration options, enabling
customers to select the optimal mix of internal and external SAS
connections. In addition to supporting Windows and Linux platforms,
the ExpressSAS adapters are the only SAS RAID controllers that
support Mac OS X, including Intel-based Macs, bringing the high
performance and value of SAS storage technology to Mac-based digital
media customers.

“ATTO has a proven history of exceeding end-user expectations by
developing leading-edge products that result in high-performance
solutions, such as the Facilis Terrablock line of products,” said
James McKenna, vice president, sales and marketing with Facilis
“Our experience with ATTO products makes the new ExpressSAS RAID
adapter a very encouraging development.”

These new RAID controllers leverage the power of ATTO’s
customer-proven high-performance RAID technology — including the
company’s proprietary Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) Technology that
alleviates data transfer bottlenecks — and the new 800MHz PCIe Intel
IOP348 I/O Processors with integrated high-performance XScale
technology to meet the most demanding performance requirements of
data-intensive applications, including transactional databases, email
servers, large server farms and digital media.

“ATTO is bringing more flexible design capabilities to OEMs targeting
the emerging SAS/SATA market with its high-performance ExpressSAS
RAID controller adapter for bandwidth intensive IT and digital video
applications,” said Greg Schulz, senior analyst with The StorageIO
Group. “This new offering provides leading SAS/SATA performance for
bandwidth intensive applications in a small form factor design while
offering flexibility in terms of port configuration, RAID and host
platform support including Mac OS X.”

“The ExpressSAS RAID adapters are the embodiment of ATTO’s 18 years
of experience with SCSI hardware and our demonstrated success at
producing storage connectivity solutions for performance-oriented
customers who look to ATTO as a trusted industry leader,” said Ed
Tierney, director of marketing at ATTO Technology. “Today’s
announcement demonstrates that same commitment to the SAS RAID market
with innovative products that address the high-performance storage
needs of customers across the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms.”

Featuring advanced fault-tolerant features that include hot swap, hot
spares, online capacity expansion, battery back-up, and optimized
disk utilization for SAS drives, SATA II drives, or any combination
of the two, the ATTO ExpressSAS R348 and R380 adapters deliver an
intelligent and robust low-profile RAID solution. The SAS and SATA II
support make it easy to create cost-effective multi-tiered storage
solutions in a single cabinet, utilizing cost-correct SATA drives for
secondary storage while staging critical primary data on
higher-performance SAS disks. These adapters will support standard
RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60 and features ATTO’s exclusive
DVRAID, making them capable of handling the most demanding
applications such as 2K and 4K film, multiple layers of complex,
uncompressed real-time effects, and high-definition video editing.

The ATTO ExpressSAS RAID Adapters combine x8 PCI Express technology
and SAS speeds for high-performance server environments and
applications. SAS is the next generation SCSI interface that delivers
significant improvements in scalability, performance, reliability,
and flexibility over parallel SCSI by leveraging a serial
architecture for data transport. PCI Express is a low-cost, highly
scalable serial technology that delivers added performance by
increasing the
I/O capacity while eliminating bus contention. This allows for
faster and more efficient performance with reduced I/O bottlenecks.

ATTO’s new ExpressSAS RAID controllers are currently available for
customer evaluation with general availability in Q1 2007. Single unit
MSRP is $1095.

About ATTO Technology, Inc.

ATTO Technology, Inc. is a global leader of storage connectivity and
infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments.
ATTO’s vision is to provide a wide range of end-to-end solutions to
help customers’ better store, manage and deliver their data. With a
focus toward markets that require higher performance, ATTO
manufactures products in the categories of host adapters, bridging,
RAID and virtual tape appliances, and management software. ATTO
solutions are based on providing a high level of connectivity to all
storage interfaces including SCSI, SATA, iSCSI, NDMP, SAS and Fibre
Channel. ATTO distributes its products worldwide directly to
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), systems integrators, VARs
and authorized distributors. Contact ATTO Technology, Inc. world
headquarters, at: 155 CrossPoint Parkway, Amherst, New York 14068;
Phone: (716) 691-1999; Fax: (716) 691-9353; Website:

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