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StatusMonitors 2.1 Update

Today Suaveware released StatusMonitors 2 Update 1 (2.1) which
provides a desktop display of the status of your computer system as
well as the status of other computers on the local network. This is a
bug fix release which corrects some memory allocations that were not
being freed properly. The full change list is,

– Fixed some memory leaks which caused the memory usage to grow over time.

– Fixed a problem with columns not displaying after being enabled
while the client application was not running.

– Fixed misc. memory and thread handling issues.

For more information and to download the application for a 30 days of
use trial, follow the following links:

Suaveware Home Page: StatusMonitors Home
Page: Download Page:

StatusMonitors 2 requires Mac OS 10.4 or greater and requires system
administration privileges to install.

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